Multiconsult assisted Aquila Capital

Multiconsult provides due diligence for German asset manager Aquila capital’s acquisition of Tinfos and Norsk grønnkraft.

3. February 2015

Multiconsult was technical due diligence advisor to German asset manager Aquila Capital, who recently bought 33.3% shares in Tinfos and 100% shares in Norsk Grønnkraft, both well-known hydropower operators in Norway.

– In both acquisitions, Multiconsult’s due diligence team – led by the company’s Renewable Energy Advisory Services – calculated future expected production volumes and provided a third-party view on potential re-investments in civil structures as well as mechanical and electrical equipment over the next 20 years. Past and expected operating expenditure was also analysed and commented on. Multiconsult’s input was used by Aquila Capital – alongside with input from legal, tax and financial due diligences from other advisors – to calculate company value and propose a purchase price., says Energy Economics Advisor in Multiconsult, Marko Viiding,

Since 2010, Multiconsult has fine-tuned its due diligence methodology and has assisted both local and foreign clientele in buying and selling small and large hydro, onshore and offshore wind, solar, district heating/cooling as well as electricity distribution and transmission assets through technical and commercial evaluation.