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Multiconsult Asia engaged in large oil and gas project in Singapore

Multiconsult Asia is performing consultancy and technical assistance for Semcorp Marine in the large Libra project in Singapore. Semcorp Marine is awarded the large EPC contract to convert the shuttle tanker Navion Norvegia in to a floating, production, storage and offloading vessels for oil and gas.

23. May 2016

The new vessel will have the capacity to produce 50,000 barrels of oil and 4 million cubic meters of natural gas per day. The vessel is expected to be used for work on the Libra field in ultra-deepwater section of Brazil’s Santos Basin.

Semb Corp Marine owns a network of six shipyards in Singapore. The company is OOGTK Libra GmbH awarded an EPC contract to convert shuttle tanker Navion Norvegia in to a floating, production, storage and offloading vessel. The contract includes detailed engineering, installation and integration of topside modules, power generation, upgrading of accommodation facilities, as well as extensive work with piping and electrical wiring.

Specialist competence of Multiconsult
Multiconsult Asia are engaged in the project to provide consultancy services and technical consulting advice for the installation and commission of gas turbines and gas compressor modules. Multiconsult employees are integrated with Semcorp Marine’s project team and are providing specialized support engineering, installation and commissioning activities, as well as supporting in change control to minimize the risk of variations and cost impacts. Multiconsult’s team is expected to grow to a total of apx. 25 people during 2016.

– The contract shows that specialist expertise found in Multiconsult Asia is attractive and the company is well positioned for other specialist assignments related to oil, gas and energy sector in Singapore region, says Ivar Eng, Vice President Oil & Gas in Multiconsult ASA.

Empowering young engineers
Sembcorp seeks to strengthen their role in EPC projects and has expressed a strong interest in developing a close partnership to benefit from the Multiconsult engineering competence globally.

-This can be a major opportunity not just for our Asia office but also for the Multconsult group. Our specialist team already contributes to their extensive internal training programs to help SC build the necessary capabilities, says MD of Multiconsult Asia.