The new high school in Førde | Ill: LINK arkitektur

LINK arkitektur AS will design a new high school in Førde

LINK arkitektur has entered into an agreement with Consto Bergen AS to design a new high school in Førde for the County of Vestland, Norway. Total contract value for LINK arkitektur is NOK 32 million.

20. May 2020

Together with Consto Bergen AS, LINK arkitektur and Sweco won the price- and design competition for the high school. The concept DELTA will create a new school for 1 000 students and 200 employees, combining existing buildings, new buildings and a multi-use hall, in total approximately 30 000 sqm.

The project will start with a pre-design phase in 2020, where all parties will enhance the concept. Next step will be a final political approval in the autumn of 2020 followed by construction start in 2021, and completion in the autumn of 2022.

One of the benefits of the new high school will be the contribution to vitalize this area of the city of Førde. Sustainability is central and wood will be the central construction material, while new buildings will adapt to the current buildings and environment.