From left: Multiconsult Group CEO Grethe Bergly, Harm Duel (Deltares), Ron Passchier (Deltares), Gro Dyrnes, Kristne Skog and Leif Lillehammer from Multiconsult. | Photo: Multiconsult

Multiconsult and Deltares agrees on strategic partnership

Multiconsult and Deltares have agreed on a strategic partnership between the two organizations. The agreement will strengthen the two organizations in the respective areas of renewable energy and water resources management.

31. March 2020

Multiconsult and Deltares have cooperated on several sustainable hydropower and water management projects, including, amongst others recent studies like the Mekong Hydropower Mitigation Guidelines, the Strategic Environmental and Social Impact Assessment of the Lake Victoria Transport Programme and the Hydraulic Study and Environmental Flows Assessment for the Mpatamanga Hydropower Project.

– We are confident that the strategic partnership between our two organisations has great potential, especially in increasing the mutual benefit in the energy and water sectors, says Grethe Bergly, CEO, Multiconsult.

Additionally, climate change and more extreme weather have significantly increased the risk of flooding in many areas both in Norway and internationally. Cooperation with excellent international partners such as Deltares is vital for Multiconsult to increase our reach and cutting edge know-how within these areas.

The agreement will initially cover a four year period with a possibility of further extension.