Lecture at RTC Europe

Martin Martinsen, who works at Multiconsult, gave a lecture at the prestigious Revit Technology Conference Europe (RTC Europe).

19. January 2016

Promoting knowledge-sharing

RTC Europe is a unique, independent conference that covers a range of topics related to Revit and BIM technology. The conference, which in 2015 was held in Budapest, brings together people from all over the world.

The aim of RTC Europe is to promote knowledge-sharing and help people to make new contacts. This aim is supported by limiting the number of attendees at the conference.

“The great thing about RTC is that you don’t just have the opportunity to learn from world-leading experts in their fields, you can also share your own ideas and knowledge. It was an excellent experience for me, and I received positive feedback on my lecture,” says Martin.

Revit to Robot

Martin Martinsen was invited to share his experience of integrating Autodesk Revit and Autodesk Robot Structural.

“What does that mean?” “Put simply, when you model a structure in Revit, an analytical model is simultaneously produced in the background. You can view and modify this model, and add loads and combinations of loads to it, before finally transferring the completed model to Robot, which is a 3D analytical tool. Integration is two-way, which means that you can transfer the model back from Robot to Revit, for example if you discover that the dimensions of the pillars or whatever are too small. The Revit model is then updated automatically.

This can be illustrated with a diagram:




The lecture material (notes and presentation) will be made available through the competence network for civil and structural engineering (link).

About Martin

Martin is a Revit and Robot superuser with lead responsibility for the use of Revit Structural at Multiconsult. He has extensive experience of providing training in Revit and Robot.

He also regularly gives lectures on Revit, Revit / Robot and Revit / BIM implementation. Martin is a member of the Autodesk Beta programme. He has been using Revit for 6 years, and also has experience of many other 2D and 3D software solutions.