From the left: Lars Eid Nielsen, Paal Wonka, Pelle Haukaas og Gøran André Hansen

Industry-leading in the use of Autodesk

Multiconsult’s contribution to the international conference Autodesk University, which was presented by Gøran André Hansen and Lars Eid Nielsen, generated a lot of international interest within the field.

19. January 2016

Autodesk University, the world’s biggest and most respected event for Autodesk software users, attracts over 10,000 people each year. The way Multiconsult uses the tool in its energy projects is slightly different from how it is used in other industries. As a result, Gøran and Lars were invited to the conference in Las Vegas to explain how they use InfraWorks and other software in Multiconsult’s projects.

“It’s nice to know that people have noticed what we’re doing. Autodesk University is a big event that attracts a lot of talented people. This will inspire us to continue developing our approach in our day-to-day work. The fact that Autodesk’s representatives told us that they were impressed with our work, and later took the time to attend our lecture in numbers, shows that we have come a long way towards developing a good methodology for using their tool,” says Gøran André Hansen.

Leading the way in drawingless design

In Norway, Smisto power station is the project that has taken the concept of drawingless design furthest during the construction phase. The challenges that this created in terms of document sharing and information flow, and the solutions to them, were also presented in the lecture.

The lecture used the Smisto project as a case study. Gøran and Lars explained how InfraWorks software was used to establish an interdisciplinary coordination model. They described how to best integrate the various software programs, in order to ensure good workflow in the project.

“The aim was to show the advantages of using InfraWorks in combination with Revit, AutoCAD Civil 3D and Dynamo. At Multiconsult we have lots of experience of creating efficient and structured workflows in interdisciplinary projects, from the concept through to the detailed design phase. We therefore wanted to present some of the useful functions in InfraWorks for infrastructure projects. For the Smisto power station, we combined publicly available elevation data with highly detailed laser measurements, aerial photography and underwater measurements. It was also important for us to get across how we use the program as a communication tool both within the company and with other parties,” adds Gøran.

Here you can see the introductory video to the lecture, which is a fly-through of Smisto power station.

At the forefront

After the lecture, the audience were able to rank it. All of the respondents (100%) said that the content was interesting and that they had learned something. They also all answered that they would recommend the lecture to colleagues, and that they would like to know more about the topic.

“Our experience at Autodesk University left us with the impression that Multiconsult is at the forefront of this field and has a lot to teach other players. Equally, a conference of this kind shows you how many ways there are to further improve your methodologies and workflows. It is important to keep up with the latest technology and to meet representatives of the products that are relevant to us. We were also able to build valuable relationships with experienced engineers in our field who face the same challenges as us,” says Lars Eid Nielsen.