Railway contract in Poland

Important contract for the Polish Railwaylines

Multiconsult has won a contract for the design of 62 km of the C-E 65 railway line in Poland, on the section Zdunska Wola - Dąbie. The contract is estimated to generate approximately NOK 23 million. The work will start immediately and last until 2020.

30. November 2018

The railway corridor 65 – E belongs to the VI European Transport Corridor linking the Baltics with the countries bordering the Adriatic Sea and the Balkans. Multiconsult will be responsible for the full design including rail, bridge, signaling, traction, telecommunication, architecture and HVAC. Polish Railwaylines is forming the C-E 65, which has a meridional course and a length of 620 kilometers.

Multiconsult is proud of the positive development of the railway team at Multiconsult Polska, following a series of smaller awards lately in addition to this substantial one. The customer signaled that the most important reason for success in this award was the strength of the team.