Hydropower stations in Albania

Multiconsult has signed a contract with DHP (Statkraft Albania) to provide consulting services in conjunction with the Devoll Hydropower Project in Albania.

27. January 2016

The Devoll Hydropower Project (DHP) consists of two hydropower stations, Banja and Moglicë, one of which is underground, with a total capacity of 256MW. The power stations will produce an estimated 729 GWh per year, increasing Albania’s electricity generation by around 17%.

“We have been working on the details of the new contract for six months, so it is great that it has finally been signed. We have been given the contract largely on the back of the good work of our employees who are already on site. I am particularly pleased to see that the project has given many younger members of staff the opportunity to gain extremely valuable international experience,” says Multiconsult’s project manager Richard Duncumb.

The power stations are located on the River Devoll, in the Devoll valley, around 70 km south-east of the capital city Tirana. The project, which will make use of a 555-metre drop in the River Devoll, involves building a 20 km-long tunnel, as well as two large dams: the 90 metre Banja and 150 metre Moglicë.

Working with Norconsult

Construction work started in 2013, and the two project phases are due for completion in 2016 and 2018. The concession contract entitles Statkraft to build, own and operate the power stations until they are transferred back to the Albanian authorities at the end of the concession period.

“Multiconsult have been working on this project with Norconsult since the pre-project phase in 2009, when we had particular responsibility for the Banja dam and power station, as well as the underground works. When the tender phase was completed in 2011, we signed a consulting contract for the construction phase via Norconsult. That contract recently expired, and we have now signed a new contract directly with DHP and Statkraft,” says Duncumb.

Two-part contract

The contract is split into two parts, one for providing contract staff, and one for consulting services.

“In terms of the contract staff, Multiconsult has a duty to provide qualified personnel to the customer on site, supported by their offices in Norway. These contract staff form part of the customer’s team, and are working in areas like supervision of the construction of the Moglicë dam, including above-ground slope stability, geological surveys and supervision of tunnelling in the area around the dam. The consulting part of the contract involves providing consulting services for both the Banja and Moglicë sites, mostly related to the dams and geotechnical engineering for above-ground and underground structures,” explains Duncumb.