Environmental report on wind power station

Multiconsult has investigated the environmental consequences of Statskraft's licence application for an offshore wind turbine on the island of Smøla.

10. June 2014

Statkraft has applied for a licence to set up an offshore wind turbine (test turbine) on Smøla.
Multiconsult has examined the consequences of four different locations for this wind power station along with network connections, access roads, quay installations and a turbine transport route, etc. Two of these alternatives are connected to the existing Smøla wind power station. Since the installed voltage is below 10 MW, it will not be necessary to produce a full consequence assessment report as specified in the Norwegian Planning and Building Act.

The report has been drawn up by Nature Manager Kjetil Mork, the landscape architects Eva Hjerkinn and Andrea Vatsvåg and all the employees at Multiconsult’s Energy Department in Oslo. The report covers the following subjects:
• Landscape
• Cultural monuments/cultural environment
• Flora and fauna (but not birds)
• Conservation interests
• Areas without major infrastructure development in Norway (INON)
• Outdoor life
• Travel and tourism

The report concludes that all the development alternatives are believed to produce a minor to moderate negative impact, depending on the subject. Proximity to the existing Smøla wind power station has been decisive for this assessment.
Information about the project.

Statkraft is involved in a number of sea wind projects on the British Continental Shelf and is seeking suitable turbine technology for the Dogger Bank project. Turbine technology on the scale planned in this respect is not yet fully mature, and the aim of the Smøla project is to test technology from potential suppliers. The test turbine towers will be up to 130 metres high and have a maximum rotor diameter of 180 metres. The installed voltage will be 6-8 MW.

Further information about the project can be found on the following website: http://e24.no/energi/statkrafts-nye-testturbin-skal-bli-hoeyere-enn-oslo-plaza/21618943