LNG project, Polska, Multiconsult, terminal,


LNG Regasification Terminal project | Photo: reserved to Polskie LNG SA

LNG project, Polska, Multiconsult, terminal,


LNG Regasification Terminal project | Photo: reserved to Polskie LNG SA


LNG Regasification Terminal project | Photo: reserved to Polskie LNG SA

Exciting energy project in Poland

Multiconsult Polska has been the main project supervisor of the first LNG Regasification Terminal of its kind in Central - Eastern Europe.

16. February 2016

The terminal is of great strategic importance to Poland as it immensely improves the country’s energy security.

LNG Terminal in Świnoujście

In 2010 Multiconsult Polska, in consortium with Atkins Limited, signed a contract with Polskie LNG SA to act as the main project supervisor during construction of the LNG Regasification Terminal in Świnoujście. The facility is the first of its kind in Central-Eastern Europe. The investment is worth more than €600 million and is strategically important as it allows the diversification of sources of natural gas supply. This will greatly improve Poland’s energy security.


In the first phase of operation, the LNG Terminal will enable re-gasification of 5bn m3 of natural gas annually.

Depending on whether the decision to expand the plant with a third tank is realized, the subsequent phases could increase the storage and dispatch capacity of up to 7.5bn m3 annually.

Multiconsult Polska’s role

Multiconsult Polska’s role on this project consists of four main elements:

  • Reviewing of documentation
  • Offsite inspections at vendors‘ sites
  • Onsite inspections including the construction phase, the commissioning process and the performance tests
  • Management and administration tasks.

Completion of the project

Performance tests of the terminal recently started, and currently, the construction, installation and commissioning works are just about 99.9% completed.

The very first LNG vessel arrived at the Terminal December 11th and left the facility a week later. This was the first LNG delivery with the purpose of cooling down the installation as well as the first send out of regasified gas from the terminal. The second vessel will arrive on Monday the 8th of February.