Establishing a mid-Norwegian energy centre

Multiconsult and NTE have signed a letter of intent for Multiconsult to acquire NTE Energiutvikling. Both parties are thrilled with the deal that has been done. NTE Energiutvikling has just over 30 employees.

23. August 2013

Multiconsult is making strategic investments within the energy sector and we can see great potential in developing a strong professional energy environment in mid-Norway. We are also of the opinion that the existing specialists from NTE Energiutvikling will have a key role in our holistic investments within the energy business area, both nationally and internationally, says Christian Nørgaard Madsen, CEO of Multiconsult.

Two great competitors have now chosen to combine their strengths and form a large, mid-Norwegian energy centre. Multiconsult and NTE Energiutvikling are very familiar with each other’s technical specialist environments and know that the environments will complement each other.

NTE Energiutvikling has extensive experience and broad expertise of the energy sector both within and outside of Nord-Trøndelag, with a main emphasis on the development of renewable energy. NTE Energiutvikling is a renowned and competitive player in Norway and in the international market.

– We are very happy with the letter of intent from Multiconsult, says NTE Group CEO Christian Stav. This provides NTE Energiutvikling with the opportunity to develop together with a large, solid, specialist environment. This agreement also makes it possible to ensure that Nord-Trøndelag will continue to have access to a specialist environment operating both nationally and internationally.