THe new Viking Museum | Ill: Aart architects

Designing the new Viking Museum

In 2025, a new Viking Museum in Oslo will be completed. Multiconsult is part of the team that will design and build the new museum building on behalf of Statsbygg.

2. September 2021

The Viking Museum contains Viking ships and collections from the Viking Age, and the current museum building was completed in 1957. In addition to the renovation of the old building, a new building of 9300 square meters is planned to house the Viking ships, other objects, as well as a restaurant, laboratories and a research center. The new building is shaped in an arc and connects to the existing museum building.

Earlier this year, AF Gruppen entered into a contract with Statsbygg for the new building, and Multiconsult is now commissioned as a consulting engineer in the project. Construction is scheduled to start in 2022, with completion by the end of 2025.