Christian Nørgaard Madsen administrerende direktør

Dear all

We are now closing in on an exceptional year for Multiconsult. This has been a year where we have grown significantly, and won large and prestigious projects.

18. December 2015

At the same time we have continued to deliver on our small and medium-size projects, with a high degree of positive feedback from our clients.

This year we became the first Norwegian engineering consultancy company to be listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. The listing along with the share program made it possible for all employees to buy shares, and more than 40% of our employees are now share-owners. Additionally, we have experienced solid growth with more than 400 new employees in the Multiconsult corporation, which now also includes LINK Arkitektur. This is formidable growth in our line of business.

The global and national levels of uncertainty are still elevated as we are entering 2016. It is therefore reassuring to know that Multiconsult has what it takes to continue to be a leading company, also in an increasingly challenging market. We have the leading experts, which demonstrates daily through projects and awards – both larger teams and individuals have received distinctions. We have also got the resources and opportunities necessary to accomplish our ambitious goals.

This had not been possible without our energetic and professional clients. Thank you for all your efforts throughout 2015! I am looking forward to seeing you all again in 2016, when Multiconsult will continue to empower.

Merry Christmas!