Multiconsult Polska is a subcontractor for design and construction of the S61 Expressway.

Contract award for the S61 Expressway in North East Poland

The General Directorate of National Roads and Motorways in Poland has awarded an Engineering, procurement, construction (EPC) contract to the contractor Polaqua S.A., with Multiconsult Polska as subcontractor, for design and construction of the S61 Expressway.

5. February 2020

As the Design subcontractor, Multiconsult Polska will be responsible for plan, design and the author’s supervision during the construction phase of approximately 22 km of expressway. The scope of Multiconsult Polska’s work will also include obtaining all required permits before the construction phase. The contract is estimated to generate approximately NOK 34 million to Multiconsult over the next three years.

S61 is a part of Via Baltica, the most important road connection between Baltic States and Central Europe. Via Baltica together with Rail Baltica is an element of Transeuropean Transport Networks.