Water & Environment

Water & Environment

Access to clean water is a human right and the basis for all life, while climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time. When planning the towns and societies of the future, it is therefore vital to come up with genuinely sustainable, green designs.
Starting research into dam safety

Geir Helge Kiplesund will be researching dam safety and failure mechanisms in embankment dams. His PhD…

26. June 2019

Thinking green in our business

In 2018, Multiconsult worked to establish strategic sustainability goals. Various parts of the organisation looked into…

5. April 2019

Grethe Bergly appointed new CEO of Multiconsult ASA

The board of directors has appointed Grethe Bergly as new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Multiconsult…

13. February 2019

Multiconsult awarded environmental prize

Multiconsult has been named “Eco-Lighthouse of the Year 2018” for its trailblazing work on integrating sustainability…

17. January 2019

Rush of prizes for Multiconsult employees

Over the course of just a few weeks, a number of Multiconsult employees have been honoured…

14. November 2018

Using VR to improve design

On the island of Stord, Multiconsult has started using a special Virtual Reality (VR) room to…

1. November 2018

Greenhouse gas emissions, flooding, water and wastewater systems, blue-green infrastructure and air, water and ground pollution are some of the areas where our hard-working consultants are supporting sustainable development. Multiconsult has a reputation for technical expertise, practical insight and strong interdisciplinary understanding. This enables us to come up with integrated, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions for our customers.

Multiconsult provides services throughout the project life-cycle. All the way from preliminary studies through design, operation and maintenance, to clean-up and demolition. Multiconsult has over 180 dedicated consultants working in the field of Water & Environment, with experience from both Norway and overseas. We can therefore proudly say that we have one of Norway’s most complete teams of specialists in Water & Environment