The Daugava River hydropower projects in Latvia | Photo:

Assessing dam safety in Latvia

Multiconsult has been selected to undertake an assesment of the safety of the hydrotechnical structures of the Daugava River hydropower projects in Latvia.

22. December 2020

Reducing the likelihood of a dam emergency

Hilde Gillebo, EVP for Energy at Multiconsult said “Dam failure can pose a serious risk to the public. If a dam that impounds a reservoir or lake were to fail, it could potentially affect communities hundreds of kilometers downstream. However, proper planning can greatly reduce the likelihood of a dam emergency. Over the past forty years, dam safety has been a major focus for our energy business, and we are proud to be selected for this important project”.

The Daugava river flows from Russia through Belarus and into the Baltic sea close to Riga. The cascade of the Daugava Hydropower Plants (HPPs) upstream of Riga is formed by three large hydropower plants, the Plavinas (907.6 MW), Riga (402 MW) and Kegums (248 MW). In 2019, the Daugava HPPs generated 2 TWh of energy, which constitutes energy for approximately 600 000 households. The consultancy work will commence in 2020 and will be completed in 2025. Multiconsult will undretake the assesment together with Sweco.

Long history in the Baltic region

“Multiconsult has a long history of working in the Baltic region. The company has previously provided dam safety services to Latvenergo on several occasions and has delivered consultancy services to numerous projects in the region. We are pleased to continue our good co-operation with Latvenergo”, says Mrs Gillebo.

Earlier assignments in Latvia include Feasibility study, tender documents and project management for the rehabilitation and upgrading of the Daugava Hydropower projects, Financial management plan for Latvenergo, and dam safety expert panel at Plavinas HPP.