An important part of the solution

Multiconsult can make the largest impact on achieving a better and greener future as a contributor to sustainable development of urban areas and communities. The Sustainability Report 2019 presents several examples on how Multiconsult is an important part of the solution to the climate challenges.

17. April 2020


– As advisors, we are mostly involved in the early phases of projects and this gives us great opportunities to influence and challenge both customers and partners to choose sustainable solutions. We are thus an important part of the solution to the environmental and climate challenges the world is facing, says Grethe Bergly, CEO of Multiconsult.

Impact on sustainable solutions

The group’s ambition is to be among the best in the industry in sustainable consulting. A lot of good sustainability work is carried out every day by Multiconsult.

– Our expertise within sustainability is solid and represented at all our offices, and our advisors are involved in projects with a strong focus on sustainability. In the Sustainability Report 2019, we are presenting several examples of projects in which our advisers are involved, both in Norway and abroad. In these projects, clear sustainability goals have been set both in the project implementation and for the end product itself, says the CEO.

A survey conducted among Multiconsult’s advisers in the business unit Building and Properties in Oslo, shows that they have an impact on sustainable solutions in projects. Nearly eight out of ten responded that a dialogue with the customer sometimes or always led to a more sustainable change in the project. The study further showed that in two-thirds of the projects, Multiconsult’s advisers received full or partial impact on their proposals for sustainable solutions.

– We find that customers are increasingly interested in receiving sustainable advice as well as requesting it. Likewise, we have become much better at challenging the customers on the sustainability ambition of their projects, says Bergly.

Set clear and ambitious goals

Multiconsult’s own climate accounts show that the overall trend is moving in the right direction, although the results show that the goals have not been achieved in some areas. For instance, work-related travel by air and fossil vehicles have increased. The group has already taken measures to improve this, and the climate accounts serves a good basis for further sustainable work in the years to come.

Thus, there has been a very positive development within the area of gender balance, both among the employees and at management level. Grethe Bergly is very proud to be part of a group management team consisting of an equal number of women and men. She has very clear ambitions for 2020 and the years to come.

– We will increase our efforts further by defining concrete and ambitious goals for our contribution to the sustainability part of our clients’ projects.

The report mainly concerns Multiconsult Norge AS and Multiconsult ASA. The report was prepared prior to the COVID-19 crisis. The crisis can have a significant impact on the Group’s short-term goals and priorities.