Multiconsult Energi Vannkraft Mandaya og beko-aboi


Beko Abo/Mandaya


Fula Rapids


Electricity is vital to improving societies and people’s welfare. Developing the renewable energy sector provides long-term sources of electricity with the lowest possible environmental impact. Multiconsult is proud of its role over the past century in developing the energy sector both in Norway and overseas.

Within the power sector, we are involved in everything from large, complex, interdisciplinary projects costing billions of kroner to small hydro. Our expertise, experience and interdisciplinary approach allow us to contribute to the great majority of projects and project phases, from concept studies through to reassessments and conversions of existing power stations.

When assessing potential new power stations, a variety of factors determine and affect the optimal solutions for the specific project. Multiconsult has planned countless power stations in Norway and abroad. We also have expertise in all of the disciplines relevant to the planning of new power plants, including those covering environmental, social and financial issues. This makes us strong on execution, and means that we can help clients to find the best overall solutions.

Multiconsult has extensive experience of reviewing, repairing/maintaining and converting existing power stations.

We offer consultancy services in a wide range of disciplines, including:

  • Geology and geotechnical engineering
  • Structural engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electric power and electromechanics
  • Hydrology, water management and hydraulics
  • Architecture and landscape architecture
  • Economics and finance
  • Health, safety and the environment
  • Acoustical engineering
  • Due diligence, technical and economical

Our services include:

  • Assessing different technical designs during the planning process, taking into account external factors such as availability of water, ground conditions and topography
  • Economic and financial assessment of different technical designs during the planning process
  • Ascertaining and handling regulatory requirements and application processes during the planning and execution phases
  • Tender documents and specifications
  • Hydrological impact assessments and flood hazard mapping
  • Environmental impact assessments, environmental plans and environmental management
  • Visualisation, integration with the landscape and 3D modelling
  • Design and site supervision
  • Construction management
  • Reviewing existing installations
  • Converting existing installations