Norne, topside, statoil, multiconsult

Norne | Photo: Knud Helge Robberstad / Statoil

Norne Topside

3rd. party verification

The Norne field is built with a production and storage feasibility ship connected to the sea bed. The flexible risers lead the well flow to the ship.

The ship has process facilities on deck and storage tanks for oil. The ship is anchored to the sea bed with 12 points anchor system. Topside dry weight is 7800 tonne.

Scope of work

Multiconsult has performed 3. party verification of all modules and constructions on the deck.

The verification has primary been based on review of documents and drawings.

The verified parts are:

  • Oil/gas/water separation modules (P16A/P16B)
  • Water injection-module (I11/I12)
  • Maintenance-module (P10)
  • Power supply-module
  • Helicopter deck (F00)
  • Pipe racks