Cable trench | Photo: Multiconsult


Foundation cast | Photo: Multiconsult

Hamnefjell Wind Farm

Engineering and construction

Hamnefjell Wind Farm stage 1 is under construction and shall be finalised within autumn 2017.

The Wind Farm is located in Båtsfjord Municipality, Finnmark. The Wind Farm consists of 15 Vestas turbines, class IEC IB, with a total of 50 MW installed capacity. Multiconsult has taken part in the design, contract management, implementation, grid, construction management, SHA, and the preparation and monitoring of the environmental, transport and construction plan (MTA).

Multiconsult was also involved in the early studies. As of November 2016, are the roads, crane hardstands, transformer and service buildings, internal grid and turbine foundations completed. Wind Turbine Erection is scheduled to the summer of 2017.

Scope of work

Hamnefjell Wind Farm is located in a coastal area with very good wind resources. The wind turbines will arrive by sea to Båtsfjord quay and transported by road going special vehicles to the site. Due to the arctic conditions with high wind and saline conditions, the transformer, switchgears and substation automation equipment are located indoors of the transformer building. In addition an service building is build. Of infrastructures are 8 km of internal roads completed. The internal cables are located in the shoulder of the roads. The wind turbine foundation are of the gravitational type, a square concrete slab with pedestal. Concrete volume is approximately 450 m3. The crane hard stands are according to the specific requirements from the wind turbine supplier.

The Wind Farm will be connected to the regional transformer station in Båtsfjord with an 2.6 km 132 kV overhead line.

Our services

  • Engineering and consulting
  • Tender
  • Contract management
  • Wind resource
  • Production optimisation
  • Noise and shadow calculations
  • Environmental transport and construction (MTA)
  • Construction management/HSE