Foto: Larry Lamsa

Due diligence of Statoil’s onshore wind portfolio

Technical and commercial due diligence

In 2010-2011 Statoil divested its onshore wind business in Norway. In Northern Norway (Finnmark) Statoil had earlier built – and was at that time operating – the World’s Northernmost wind farm (Havøygavlen 40.5 MW) and was in the process of developing four new wind parks. Multiconsult assisted the local utility Finnmark Kraft in acquisition of Statoil’s onshore wind portfolio in Finnmark – the operational plant and the four planned parks.

Scope of work

Multiconsult conducted a technical review of the Havøygavlen wind farm, which – being located in harsh climate and difficult terrain – had several operating challenges. Multiconsult estimated the future re-investment CAPEX (including main component failures), and OPEX, as well as assessed the re-powering options. Multiconsult also reviewed the design and business plan of the four planned wind parks in the area. Together with a risk analysis and a technical report, Multiconsult calculated and suggested a specific acquisition price of each of the assets to Finnmark Kraft.

In this assignment, Multiconsult’s economists and engineers worked together with advisors from Analyse & Strategi, Fonds Finans, Kvale and PWC.