Europipe, jacket, multiconsult


Europipe | Ill.: Multiconsult

Europipe, jacket, multiconsult


3D-model | Ill.: Multiconsult

Europipe Riser Jacket

Block 16/11 North Sea

The 16/11-E riser platform, part of the European Transportation System, is a prototype of a steel jacket based on skirted plate foundations. This new concept was introduced by Statoil, and was based on the results from extensive field and laboratory tests.

Our services

The Geotechnics group has performed the detailed foundation design. Incorporated in the design process were the results of the field tests, which – combined with Geotechnics group´s geotechnical expertise – led to design models and tools which ensured a safe and efficient design of this unique foundation system.

Multiconsult has been the main contributor regarding design and structural engineering, including detailed finite element analyses of the structural part of the foundation system.