Brage, platform, statoil, multiconsult

Brage Field | Photo: Helge Hansen, Statoil

Brage Field


The Brage platform is supported by an eight legged jacket structure (launch installed).

The launch weight of the jacket was 18.000 tonnes. The jacket shall support a total topside weight of 23.000 tonnes and is supported by twenty four 96” piles 65 metres long.

Scope of work

Multiconsult has participated in these projects:

  • Detail engineering of the jacket structure. Client: Veritec
  • 3. Party verification of the jacket structure. Client: Norsk Hydro
  • Project management in operators project team. Client: Norsk Hydro

Participating in various parts of the project required an independent organization and strictly formal communication via the operator to meet the statutory requirements for the different parts of the work.