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Offshore wind

Multiconsult is one of the leading companies worldwide within design and engineering of marine concrete foundations/structures (GBS). The experience and knowledge gained during development and installation of large offshore oil and gas structures are now utilized in the offshore wind industry.

We also take part in seabed surveys and interpret such data for use in geotechnical engineering of piles, suction buckets, anchors and mooring lines. Multiconsult calculate hydrodynamic forces from wind, waves, current and ice-loads and prepare metocean analyses for energy projects worldwide.

Multiconsult’s electrical power system team have long track record of planning, consenting, engineering and follow-up through construction and commissioning of transformer substations, overhead lines and cables for both regional and transmission voltage levels. Our engineers have been responsible for concepts for grid connection of both on- and offshore wind farms, and several of the offshore wind farms have been planned with HVDC connection.  We conduct power system analysis for grid integration of renewables, using state-of-the art software such as PSS/E and DigSILENT PowerFactory®, and have special tools for inter-array cable grid planning.

For early phase and planning of offshore wind projects, Multiconsult has made specialist assessments of value creation and impact on society, prepared several offshore wind Environmental Impact Assessment studies and developed Consent Applications for offshore wind farm projects. Multiconsult also assist lenders and investors with technical and financial due diligence of renewable energy projects.

Multiconsult has specialists on:

  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Seabed survey and interpretation
  • Metocean studies for design basis
  • Wave-, current- and wind loads and marine operations
  • Hydrodynamic stability and mooring analyses
  • Design of marine structures – concrete and steel
  • HVDC systems, design of in-field cable arrangements and export cables