At the start of 2013, Multiconsult launched its new strategy for the period leading up to 2017. The aim of the strategy, which is known as 3-2-1, is for the company to triple its margins, double turnover and become the strongest brand name in the industry.


The number 3 refers to greater profitability. Multiconsult shall continuously strive to improve profitability, which involves creating solutions that are efficient for both customers and the company.
The number 2 represents growth, and our aim of doubling turnover over the period covered by the strategy. This will provide the basis for constant renewal, and will enable us to recruit new highly-skilled members of staff, whether experienced or newly qualified.
The number 1 means that Multiconsult wants to occupy first place. In other words, be the very best. The company has set itself a target of being the most high-profile consultancy in Norway, and the one with the best reputation.

About our strategy

In line with its company strategy, Multiconsult has developed into a complete supplier of multi-disciplinary consultancy and design services. Within the industry, it is seen as a Norwegian powerhouse with a strong international presence.
In Norway, Multiconsult has large, multidisciplinary offices in the biggest cities.
Multiconsult’s strategy is particularly focused on growth in the oil and gas, transportation and energy sectors. These areas have been selected both because the company has strong expertise in them and because they have high demand.
In conjunction with revising our 3-2-1 strategy – “Multiconsult 2017” – we decided to further emphasise two main areas: increasing perceived quality and reinforcing our market position as the industry’s leading enabler: “Empowered by Multiconsult”.
The company’s strong culture of empowerment will be one of the most important success factors for achieving its strategic goals. Multiconsult has what it takes to succeed: respected teams of engineers including leading experts, plenty of capacity, a good reputation, a big customer base and resources to invest.

What we have done, is what we are.
What we do, is what we become.