Hydrometry and hydrological field work

For concept and feasibility studies, impact assessments, licence applications and when planning hydropower projects, it is often vital to establish good systems for collecting data and monitoring resources at an early stage, to provide a sound basis for decision-making.

In 2011, Multiconsult acquired Hydpro AS, a company with specialist expertise and experience in hydrological field work and data collection, as well as in solutions for monitoring, controlling and managing water resources. Its operations have now been further developed and integrated into Multiconsult’s consultancy services in the business areas Energy and Environment & Natural Resources.

Multiconsult offers customers a wide range of services and products within hydrometry and hydrological field work. These include performing river water measurements, installing monitoring stations to collect hydrological and meteorological data, the control of and maintaining monitoring stations, designing and installing systems to release environmental flows, collecting and quality assuring hydrological data, preparing tender documentation and project management.

Key services include:

  • Support and assistance with existing monitoring stations networks.
  • River flow measurements, hydrographs, water level data, inspection and review of monitoring points
  • Help with establishing new hydrological and meteorological monitoring stations and systems – neutral and independent advice
  • Help with setting up systems to accurately release and document environmental flows
  • Automation systems for water control operations such as water level regulation, gate control and regulating flow to comply with licence terms.
  • Collecting, quality assuring and analysing climate data for use in a variety of contexts