Green Bond Services

Climate change and environmental degradation are two of the greatest challenges of our time. The explosive growth of the green bond market is testimony to the willingness of investors to finance the necessary shift to a low-carbon future. As green bonds finance an exponential number of climate-friendly projects and as the market diversifies, issuers and investors need technically sound eligibility criteria and impact assessments.

Multiconsult is Norway’s largest technical and engineering consulting company operating in more than 30 countries worldwide. We are dedicated to building an environmentally sustainable future through, among other things, empowering climate-friendly investment decisions. Our green bond team enjoy access to three thousand highly qualified technical experts including building and renewable energy engineers, economists, regulatory specialists, social and environmental scientists.

Multiconsult’s services span the entire green bond issuance lifecycle:

Our assistance on Green Bond Framework development is science-based, market-relevant and transparent and focus on process for project evaluation and selection and reporting. This includes establishing robust baselines and eligibility criteria and a clear methodology for impact assessment. We have played a central role scaling up the green bond market in Norway through eligibility criteria development and impact assessments on loan portfolios including energy efficient residential and commercial buildings, low carbon transport and hydropower.

Transparent impact assessments are essential for the credibility and growth of the green bond market. Multiconsult follows established protocols for estimating greenhouse gas emissions (scope 1 – 3), emphasises sound, lasting system boundaries and relevant international benchmarking.

Multiconsult is an approved verifier of green bonds for certification by the Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI), the internationally recognised global standard for green bonds. Multiconsult is fully versed in how to apply existing CBI methodologies for verification of green bonds.

Project references:

• Sparebank1 Boligkreditt (Spabol)
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