Arctic and cold climate engineering

Multiconsult offer a wide range of engineering services related to cold climate in arctic and sub arctic areas.

• Physical climate and design specifications, included sea spray Icing and snowdrift
• Actions from sea Ice and ice impact on structures
• Actions from snow and snowdrift
• Winter operations
• Geotechnical engineering and permafrost
• Fixed structures
• Moored structures
• Infrastructures in cold climate

Design and construction of infrastructure in arctic areas poses challenges due to remote locations, lack of infrastructure and climate impact. Impact on the environment is often more critical in these areas and special attention in design and construction is needed. Special attention on load actions and operational issues is important. The Arctic climate includes a number of challenges with origin in the cold climate such as frozen ground, snow and icing, avalanche risk, sea ice and actions from ice.

Our Center of Excellence for Arctic and Marine Technology is located in Tromsø just at the entrance to the Arctic portal.