ZESCO Small Hydros | Rehabilitation and Up-Rating

ZESCO Ltd, own and operate four small hydro power stations in north-eastern Zambia which were constructed between the mid 1950s and mid 1960’s, namely Lusiwasi (12MW); Chishimba Falls (6MW); Musonda Falls (5MW) and Lunzua (0.75MW). As a result of grid interconnection and load growth in Zambia all these sites have the potential to be greatly expanded.

ZESCO Ltd instigated a project for the rehabilitation and upgrading of these four small hydro power stations and appointed URS to provide the associated consultancy services from feasibility studies through to the supervision of the implementation contracts.  The Multiconsult team has undertaken the detailed studies and the following revised installed capacities are now planned:

  • Lunzua   | 15 MW (new station)
  • Chishimba Falls  | 15 MW (rehab of existing station units and new unit)
  • Musonda Falls   | 10 MW (rehab of existing station units and new unit)
  • Lusiwasi Lower  | 86 MW (new station)
  • Lusiwasi Upper  |  15 MW (new station)

The UK project team was transferred from URS to Multiconsult.  Activities undertaken by the team for each of the four separate existing hydropower stations include:

  • Feasibility study
  • Preparation of Tender Designs and Tender Documents
  • Bid Evaluation
  • Lead Contract Negotiations
  • Preparation of Contract Documents
  • Contract Administration