Oversikt 3D-modell | Ill: Multiconsult

WHRU – P55

Waste heat recovery unit and support structure

Kanfa-Tec suppliers waste heat recovery units (WHRU) to the offshore and onshore industries. In this project, Multiconsult was responsible for the detailed design of the WHRU and its associated support structure, as well as other equipment installed on a floating production platform.

Scope of work

  • Complete detailed design:
    – FEM analysis
    – Manual calculations
    – STAAD calculations
    – ULS analysis
    – SLS analysis
    – ALS analysis
    – FLS analysis
  • 3D modelling
  • Drawings

Our services

  • Detailed design of the complete WHRU for operating conditions, fatigue, transport, ALS, transit and lifting
  • Detail design of the steel structure supporting two WHRUs and other miscellaneous equipment for operational state, fatigue, transport, ALS, transit and lifting