Photo: Multiconsult/Stanislas Merlet

Renewable Energy Master Plan Tanzania | Cooking Energy Action Plan

Through the Assignment Multiconsult and partners provided the Tanzanian Rural Energy Agency (REA) with an up-to-date tool for planning and implementation of rural energy provision meeting national targets for the period 2018-2030.

The Master Plan encompasses access to electricity and cleaner cooking energy and technologies. Electricity supply solutions include main grid, mini-grid based on renewable energy resources, and stand-alone solution and also consider market for smaller distributed solutions.

The CEAP draws out plans for action to ensure increased access to improved and clean cooking energy and technologies. The proposed actions are based on in-depth analyses of

  • Baseline situation for cooking energy in mainland Tanzania
  • Techno-economic analysis of available cooking fuels, technologies and practices
  • Identification of available and relevant approaches to transition of cooking practices
  • Modeling of responses


Provision of a Master Plan including a supply program and implementation plan covering electrical energy and energy for cooking to achieve national access to energy targets in an agreed scenario for macro-economic development and political priorities and strategy choices.

The electrification supply plan
presents supply schemes ranked by order of priority. The identification and ranking is based on a thorough process including

  • Geospatial mapping
  • Load and demand forecast
  • Renewable energy resource assessment
  • Electro-technical assessment
  • Economic assessment
  • Environmental and Social assessment
  • Simulation and optimization of electrification schemes through GEOSIM©