Complete DES on barge | Photo: Leif Salthaug


Navis model, grillage in blue colour | Ill.: Aibel/ Nymo

Johan Sverdrup

Grillage & Seafastening

Johan Sverdrup is one of the five largest oil fields on the Norwegian continental shelf, with expected resources of 1.9-3.0 billion barrels of oil equivalents. The field is located 155 km west of Haugesund.

The platform deck for the drilling platform consists of three modules. Aibel build the largest module (MSF) at the company’s shipyard in Thailand. The DSM module is built at the company’s shipyard in Haugesund. The drilling unit (DES) is built with partner Nymo in Grimstad.

Scope of work

Multiconsult has assisted Aibel / Nymo with the preparation of a solution for the grillage for transportation of two single modules S610 and S620 from a workshop in Poland to Nymo’s workshop in Grimstad. In addition, grillage for a complete DES module (S610, S620 and Derrick) from Grimstad to Klosterfjorden north of Haugesund.

The work consisted of finding solutions for grilling and seafastening that distributes loads from the modules and down to the barge during the transport phase. Vertical and horizontal seafastening, as well as detailed calculations for joints and welds.

Our services

  • Solutions for design
  • Global and detail calculations
  • Reporting