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GET FiT Mozambique

The purpose of the programme is to improve conditions for private investment in renewable energies in order to contribute to a climate friendly development path in Mozambique and to reduce CO2 emissions and poverty. This includes establishment of standardized documentation and procedures for privately promoted small scale renewable energy projects (IPPs), mitigating off-take risk, and ensuring effective grid integration of new renewable energy projects.

GET FiT stands for Global Energy Transfer Feed-in Tariff, and the overall objective is to assist African nations in pursuing a climate resilient low-carbon development path resulting in growth, poverty reduction and climate change mitigation. Following the success of the programme pilot in Uganda, GET FiT has been adapted to Mozambique, as well as Zambia, to assist the energy authorities in procuring IPP (Independent Power Producer) projects to provide renewable energy generation capacity at critical points of the EDM grid.

The programme offers financial and practical support to developers and investors looking to establish power generation facilities. The first procurement round targets Solar and Storage investment projects, with combined capacity of up to 30 MW.

GET FiT Mozambique aims to achieving the programme’s objectives through facilitating procurement of a portfolio of IPPs to be connected to the EDM grid. GET FiT Mozambique’s ‘Toolbox’ consists of four main components or ‘facilities’: Technical Assistance Facility, Viability Gap Facility, Risk Mitigation Facility and Grid Facility.