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GET FIT Mozambique | Mini-grids

Green People's Energy Mozambique is a donor-funded mini-grids program that aims to contribute to the Mozambican government's goal of achieving universal access to clean energy in Mozambique, by catalyzing private investment in mini-grids in rural areas of Mozambique. An innovative, results-based mechanism aims to mobilize private investment, based on the GET FiT mechanism for on-grid projects.

The program offers financial and practical support to mini-grid developers and investors, and targets 10-15 mini-grid sites, with a total combined capacity of 3 MW of solar PV and storage. As the Program Implementation Consultant, Multiconsult manages the program from Maputo, Mozambique, supported by a team of experts in Oslo and internationally, and ensures efficient implementation of all the components.

The purpose of the program is to improve conditions for private investment in off-grid renewable energies in order to contribute to a climate friendly development path in Mozambique and to reduce CO2 emissions and poverty. This includes establishment of standardized documentation and procedures for privately promoted off-grid renewable energy projects.

  • Project Development (Site-selection and feasibility studies)
  • Developing required legal and regulatory framework and designing a viability gap funding mechanism
  • Running Competitive Tender Process
  • Designing and implementing a Productive Use of Energy Component
  • Environmental and Social Framework, Assessments, Scoping and Monitoring
  • Following up Project Implementation (Construction and Post-Construction of Projects)

Green People’s Energy aims to achieving the program’s objectives through facilitating procurement of a portfolio of developers that will develop, build and operate mini-grids and establishing a standardized procedure and concept for privately promoted mini-grids. GPE’s ‘Toolbox’ consists of following main components: Technical Assistance, Viability Gap Facility, Productive Use of Energy Fund and Promotion.

In implementing the project, Multiconsult works closely with government stakeholders and market actors, and ensures coordination and alignment with other initiatives aimed at improving the institutional and regulatory framework for investments in mini-grids. In particular, a close collaboration is established with the GET.Transform project, which works directly with the Mozambican regulator to establish a standardized platform for public tenders of mini-grids concessions.