VA-ditch in Eikeliveien | Photo: Peik Sunde, Multiconsult


Water basin | Photo: Peik Sunde, Multiconsult

The Eikeli Road – Water and Waste Water Systems

Repairing the water and wastewater mains

The project involves repairing the water and wastewater mains in conjunction with Ski Municipality’s upgrade of Finstad wastewater pumping station. The project comprises, including the relevant roadside ditches, 1.5 km of concrete pipe culvert, water pipes, gravity sewer pipes and pumped sewer pipes, as well as designing new water and wastewater pipes, choosing their route, environmental measures, securing ditches and repairing the affected roads.
Ground conditions in the area are difficult, due to the presence of quick clay. Lime stabilisation and sheet piling will be used for the main ditch, which will be around 4 m deep, 5 m wide and 900 m long. The pipeline includes a Ø1800 mm stream enclosure of Finstadbekken, a Ø400 mm pumped sewer pipe, two gravity sewer pipes and a water pipe. Most pipes, with the exception of the stream enclosure, are to be made of PE and PVC.
The project includes design, design management, support during the construction phase and site management.

Scope of work

The project has been carried out in close collaboration with the client and main contractor. The work is challenging, with many issues that need solving as they arise, including how to deal with unexpected objects in the ground due to the variable quality of maps of underground services.
One of the challenges has been maintaining access to all properties while working across the whole width of the road. This has been achieved using temporary roads and diversions on parallel roads. Where the project crossed the main road, that road had to be rerouted around the construction site in its full width.
Many temporary pipelines were used to ensure that all customer had access to water and wastewater services during the work.

Our services

  • Preliminary project
  • Detailed design
  • HSE management
  • Drawings
  • Specification in accordance with NS3420
  • Cost estimate
  • Site management
  • Design management