Ex. SAT of traffic management | Photo: Multiconsult


Ex. control cabinet | Photo: Multiconsult

E39 Svegatjørn – Rådal

Design Electro and Monitoring & Control

Detailed electrical design, including labeling of cables and equipment ready for installation.

Network design with no single point of failure. Detailed description of traffic management and tables for traffic control. This includes specifications for software and partial definition of automated procedures. These procedures include more than 130 tables for properly closing the tunnels. In addition there are several tables for closing lanes. Tables for lane control of the long tunnels (2*9.2km) contain more than 8000 cells.

Great importance given to the fact that software must work properly for the tunnel to pass the safety test that will allow it to open for traffic.

Scope of work

Software design is based on tables in a hierarchy. Other functional specifications for software are described in ways that allow us to refer to them and verify them. These functional specifications are collected in a 55-page long book containing more than 750 spcifications for the software. The traffic management system covers the 9 new tunnel tubes and 4 old tunnel tubes. In addition we must consider closing off the road on the other side of the city. The most complex sign has 20 different messages.

Standards for VMS control on Norwegian public roads had to be modified due to this project, to allow control of more than 8 positions on one sign.

For automatic incident detection, radar is required in some of the tubes, and loop detection in others. These choices were made due to the specific curvature of the different tunnels.

Tunnel lights and adjacent streetlights have been an important part of our work. Light control is included in the automation.rk. Light control is included in the automation part.

Control of ventilation during normal operation, based on measurement of pollution, and ventilation during a fire are important elements of the automation system.

All automatic systems are integrated in one system, from which the tunnel operator can control everything. An important part of the specification is that there cannot be an expiry date on any part of the software used, only on updates.

Our services

  • Electrical design, power distribution
  • Description of all automatic systems
  • Traffic management / Traffic control systems – ITS
  • Description of software