Steel structure for crane and walkways, with tanks on foundations underneath | Photo: Ole Bjerk, Multiconsult


Reinforcement of concrete foundations during construction | Photo: Ole Bjerk, Multiconsult

Borregaard Ice Bear Project

Borregaard is a biorefinery that produces advanced and environmentally friendly biochemicals that can replace oil-based products. The Ice Bear project is Borregaard's main initiative to drive further specialization by developing new "niches within the niches" products as well as solidifying existing market positions within specialty cellulose.

The new investment enables a more optimal production process in addition to the increased capacity. The volume potential for Borregaard is estimated to be around
20 000 – 30 000 tonnes per year by end of 2018.

Multiconsult provided Borregaard with engineering services related to the establishment of their new production facility. A former warehouse was modified and reconstructed into a modern chemical production facility. The project comprise production facilities, technical rooms for power supply, machine control rooms, crane, walkways, foundation of large tanks and high-speed fans.

Project solution

Multiconsult has performed detailed engineering for all relevant disciplines during the project, including site management during construction. The engineering was performed in close cooperation with Borregaards process equipment suppliers to ensure optimal solutions. Multiconsult also established an invitation to tender package, including NS3420, for the construction  contract. Multiconsult also evaluated the incoming tenders and contracted the most favorable tenderer on behalf of Borregaard.

The reconstruction of the warehouse building to a production facility proved to be challenging due to space requirements, ground conditions and placement of machinery and equipment. It was full production in adjacent areas during construction, which was a challenge during construction. To mitigate and solve these challenges creative engineering was applied to the solutions, which eased the construction for the construction contractor, providing a satisfactory production facility for Borregaard.

Our Services

  • Pre-engineering
  • Detailed engineering
  • Establishment of NS3420
  • Establishment of tender for construction contract
  • Evaluation of tenderers
  • Contracting of construction contractor
  • Site management