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Cavern | Photo: Multiconsult

Boliden Odda Rock Caverns

Underground waste depositing

Boliden Odda zinc refinery, founded in 1924, is located on the west coast of Norway. Since 1985, Boliden Odda has utilized large rock caverns (60 m high, 25 m wide and 250 m long) for permanent disposal of jarosite. The repository now comprises 18 storage caverns, including connection tunnels. During 30 years of operation, a continous optimization of the design with regard to excavation cost and storage efficiency has taken place, giving higher and wider caverns adapting to local rock stress and introducing new transport tunnels. Excavated rock are utilized locally, and excess materials are dumped from barge in such a manner that there is little stirring of the existing, previously contaminated sea floor.

Scope of work

The first generation caverns (number 1-12) are inclined, bottle shaped, with various length and with the lowest side at sea level. The total volume of these caverns varies from 65.000-140.000m3. The second generation caverns are a result of a more comprehensive engineering process using experience from previous stages, comprising the need to increase the storage capacity, while maintaining a high safety level. These second generation caverns have a storage capacity of up to 300.000m3.

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