Nettverk for arealplanlegging og utredning

Nettverk for arealplan og utredning

Area plans and reports

Multiconsult has a large and well-established specialism centre for land use planning and assessments.

Multiconsult’s clients come from the public and private sectors and we work with a variety of planning assignments right across the country. Multiconsult undertakes residential, commercial and other planning processes in towns, urban areas, and undeveloped sites. We specialise in infrastructure planning, such as roads, ports and railways, blue-green structures (streams and recreation areas), and energy facilities (power stations and wind turbines).

Multiconsult’s specialism centre

Multiconsult offers multidisciplinary skills that can address a wide range of assessment assignments. We have land use planners, architects, landscape architects, wildlife managers and biologists, economists, civil engineers, and other specialists within a variety of disciplines. Land use planning and assessments are an important aspect of around 50 people’s field of work at Multiconsult, and they participate in Multiconsult’s land use planning skills network. We have specialism centres in Tromsø, Trondheim, Bergen, Stavanger, Skien, Kristiansand, and Oslo.

Breadth and depth of expertise

Multiconsult’s strength is the company’s wealth of experience in solving complex planning assignments involving several specialist fields. We have methods and tools to address all relevant issues at an early stage of implementation. Our experienced consultants are familiar with process management and know what is required for the planning process to make good progress without being hindered by obstacles pertaining to formalities. Multiconsult can assist with project management, communication with public authorities, and implementation of participation processes. We can anchor processes by way of strategic analyses (SWOT analyses) and create strategic plans for the development of city centres and urban areas. Multiconsult can assist with reports within a variety of topics and disciplines. Our staff use several tools for 3D visualisation, which are used in e.g. volume studies, sun and shadow studies, landscape assessments, and as illustrations.


Multiconsult prepares all types of plans in accordance with the Norwegian Planning and Building Act, and delivers complete products at all planning levels.

• Planning programme
• Consequence assessment reports
• County sector plans
• Municipality (sector) plans
• Site and detailed regulation plans
• Risk and vulnerability analyses
• Coastal zone plans
• Localisation and feasibility studies
• Environmental monitoring programme
• Location analyses, DIVE analyses
• 3D illustrations and illustrative plans