Combating corruption

Multiconsult has a zero tolerance policy towards corruption. In the past, the company has therefore sometimes chosen not to bid for jobs where information about third parties is inadequate or problematic. The company has a highly developed anti-corruption programme, and all employees do an e-learning course that includes dilemma training to help prepare them for potentially difficult situations.

All employees must also sign to confirm that they have read Multiconsult’s Code of Conduct, and there is a separate anti-corruption manual.

Multiconsult’s work is project-based, and most employees have contact with customers and third parties. This fact, combined with the continuously changing set of risks as the project portfolio evolves, means that our anti-corruption programme must mobilise most of the company. We have therefore increased the focus on anti-corruption, through extensive training and communication within the company.

The company’s anti-corruption programme means that corruption risk is more effectively managed, through risk-based resource allocation, improved risk identification and control, and better communication with third parties.

Main components of Multiconsult’s anti-corruption programe:

  • Code of conduct
  • Anti-corruption policy
  • Anti-corruption activities are integrated into the procedures for sales, projects, finance, etc.
  • Project-related activities, such as
    • integrity assessments and Know Your Customer (KYC)
    • obtaining self-declarations
    • anti-corruption clauses in contracts between Multiconsult and other enterprises
    • training for employees and contractors
    • monitoring by the accounts department and the project controller function
  • Procedures for documenting risk assessments and action
  • Compliance Officer with alternative reporting lines to the company’s CEO and Board of Directors