Stine Bjønnstu Holthe Foto: Bo Mathisen

Stine Bjønnstu Holthe

Talent in rapid and targeted development

Stine has worked for Multiconsult for two years after finishing her studies. She is one of many young talents at Multiconsult with rapid and targeted development. She got a summer job at Multiconsult in 2011. Today, Stine manages development projects related to efficiency and collaboration in the construction industry.

Stine works with the project management of cultural buildings in Bjørvika – the Oslo Public Library and the Munch Museum. Her talent is putting together contributions from the specialism centres in a way that ensures effective project planning processes.

Stine is incredibly driven and shows that if you want something enough, the future has no limits as to what you can achieve.

As one of the industry’s largest centres of expertise, Multiconsult is responsible for cultivating the industry’s future key players. We’re not afraid of giving responsibility early on, but ensure that we have a solid safety net in place when bringing someone forward. With the industry’s most competent project managers as an support, the road from talent to key employee is a short one.