Marianne Midthun | Foto: Pål Hoff

Marianne Midthun

A young talent working at Bergen’s most environmentally friendly office building. Marianne is a committed subject manager with two years’ experience. She has experience both as an engineer and economist.

Marianne is a subject manager for construction engineering in the second phase of Multiconsult’s new building in Bergen. The building is one of the most environmentally friendly in Bergen, which involves many new and exciting challenges.

At Multiconsult, we are committed to building in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Creating an A-rated energy-neutral building that is classified as “Excellent” in accordance with BREEAM, requires close and constructive cooperation with the client, contractor, and architect. Marianne makes sure all parties learn from each other, and that everyone is kept up to date at all times. These are important elements that enable the construction of this complex building.

To meet future demands it is important to be solution oriented and open to new suggestions. Marianne models the project in 3D and uses this to check clashes between disciplines. She understands that interdisciplinarity and openness contribute to realising effective solutions. This makes Marianne a good manager.