Lars Pettersvold Foto: Bo Mathisen

Lars Pettersvold

Lars works for Multiconsult as a section manager and assignment manager. He was discipline manager at the planning of Holmenkollen.

Pettersvolds task is to be an effective leader of others, and he is good at bringing out each individual’s knowledge. His ability to get multiple parties to communicate well together came in handy during the project planning of Holmenkollen.

– Holmenkollen was a challenging and enjoyable assignment. There was a strict schedule, complex development, stringent requirements, several disciplines, various contractors and close collaboration between both architects and users.

As a discipline manager, Lars was adept at communicating with the different parties while maintaining a focus on deliveries. He commanded a high level of trust with the client in creating clearly defined expectations and working systematically for finding out exactly what the client wanted in each phase of the project.

Many of Multiconsult’s assignments generate a good deal of interest both on the site and among the general public. The curious eyes of the media makes it crucial to remain calm and ensure the perspective necessary to land major, complex projects effectively. Challenges such as these motivate Lars in his work, together with the commitment of all those involved.