Anders Gustav Pettersen | Foto: Bo Mathisen

Anders Gustav Pettersen

Hunting down highly complex projects is in our nature. Similarly, our history, our position, and our internationally renowned specialist milieu mean that challenging and interesting projects also seek out Multiconsult.

As one of Multiconsult’s consultants, your day-to-day work will be varied and exciting. We emphasize great importance to building your expertise and increase your confidence in order to provide our customers with unique and professionally sound advice. Most important of all is to understand our customers’ needs and challenges. As a recent graduate at Multiconsult, we don’t expect you to know everything on your first day at work. You will be given responsibilities, but you will be closely supervised by a mentor, your colleagues, and managers. Through constant learning and development, you and your manager will decide the path you take.

For Anders Gustav Pettersen, this path led to Tanzania. He worked there for one year after he started at Multiconsult in 2007. Today, Anders Gustav is a section manager for hydro power. His day-to-day work consists of challenging projects both in Norway and abroad. Central to his work are project management, project planning, and tender processes.

Multiconsult offers an infinite number of opportunities. As an employee, it’s about seizing them. Anders Gustav is motivated to seize these opportunities when he receives them. He thinks that doing well in your studies and daring to stand out are important for students who want to succeed in their careers – this is how exciting opportunities come about.