In autumn 2016 we launched our revised strategy 3-2-1 GO, setting out how Multiconsult should develop its business leading up to 2020. This ambitious strategy focused on combining continued profitable growth with seizing new opportunities in the market.

When we presented our 3-2-1 strategy in 2013, the goals were to triple profitability, double turnover and become the strongest brand in the industry by 2017. Having largely achieved those goals, it was natural to revise our strategy and set ourselves new targets. It was also natural to build the next stage of developing our business on the 3-2-1 strategy. We won’t change very much, but we will put even greater resources into some areas.

We have called our revised strategy 3-2-1 GO, where GO stands for “Growth and Opportunities”, while 3-2-1 represents the foundations that will enable us to achieve our strategic ambitions over the period leading up to 2020.

The goals of the new strategy are:

  • Annual turnover of NOK 6 billion by 2020
  • An EBIT margin of 10 percent over the period
  • International expansion
  • One Multiconsult

As previously stated, we will build our development on the strong foundations that we have already established. At the same time, we want to seize new opportunities and enter new market niches. When revising our strategy, we therefore set out six key measures that will help us to achieve the goals in 3-2-1 GO:

  • Develop an interdisciplinary business in Sweden
  • Phased international expansion in renewable energy
  • Become a market leader in health care facilities in Scandinavia
  • Become a market leader in urban development in Scandinavia
  • Become an industry leader in digitalisation in Scandinavia
  • One Multiconsult – develop the Group through a business culture that unites us

Our strong culture of empowerment will be one of the most important success factors for achieving our strategic goals. Multiconsult has what it takes to succeed: respected teams of engineers with leading experts; plenty of capacity; a good reputation; a big customer base; and the resources it needs to invest.


What we have done, is what we are.
What we do, is what we become